I had pancakes for breakfast at 6am, and hot jam doughnuts (well, and other stuff) for lunch. Oh, the sugary goodness. And no kookaburras mobbed me to steal my doughnuts! This is a distinct acheivement, maybe I have intimidated them all by now.
Apparently I am indirectly responsible for my housemate's insane bovine-related incident the other day. He was driving to buy cheese to replace mine at work that he'd eaten, and he ran into a cow on the highway and completely wrote off his car. The manly hatchback is no more!
I am reading nonsense inbetween working and watching insane amounts of Doctor Who whenever I can - this morning at 6am I finished Life of Pi, which was awesome and shall be read again, and now it is Wicked, the story of the Wicked Withch of the West. The one in the land of Oz. Given that I haven't read any of the original oz books since I was about ten, this is a bit mind-stretching... Bring on the Potter-fest!
I need new userpics. Whatever happened to the jess-maid? That would've been a good one.
Over and out and off and opposite and upside-down, just to be on the safe side.
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lol meme

the google-y nedds/wants thingumabob, because it amused me:
Jess needs _______
Jess is assuming the position
Jess likes The Best Author (that Jess Likes)
Jess wants to be like Jolie 
Jess gets tacos, attacked by papos (wtf???)
Jess says 'Stephen Chbosky'
Jess does the idea of node sharing original to Jess?
Jess eats Evan's head show

Well, that was suitably randomised.
In other news, I just got back from two days on Baw Baw, YUZZAH! SO good to go skiing again. And now I have to work four days in a row. That wouldn't be so bad, except that it means I won't see my home during daylight hours for four days. Oh well.
Also, what is with coming bqack to LJ-land to find some odd discussion about possesive or plural apostrophes in my name? It just has too many essess for common sense, I agree.

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So long, Farewell, Auf Weidershen (or however you spell it) Adieu!
Adieu, Adieu, to you and you and you...
For I am off to bury myself in obscurity in Foster for the rest of the break, and work and work and work and die except of course for the fact that I will be HOME in the COUNTRY and thus will be rejoicing so much in fresh air and enormous weather that I will never stop grinning.
Ingu, don't let my house get lonely!
opera and hat

Exam: 3 hours to go

Pancakes pancakes pancakes pancakes, oh how I love thee.
I have been subsisting on little but pancakes - well, crepes - and toast and takeaway for almost a week now, and I'm still not sick of them. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yum.
And yesterday my darling family brought me a trailerload of firewood, so I have a fire on which to toast tiny marshmellows and anything else that springs to mind... I shall have to get myself a toasting fork. Ooh and I can roast potatoes!
I am far too amused by wood and heat.
And I really, really should start studying for indo. Ooops...